Big Head Todd & Monsters, one of many 1990’s bands I have a hard time distinguishing from one another, have done something interesting with their latest album release. It doesn’t matter what the album is called, because nobody will buy it. What they’ve done is what they should have done ten years ago – they pressed up 500,000 copies of their record and just gave them away. You see, nobody buys their records because their studio work is horrible, so it’s good PR for the band. One of the strangest things about the band, however, is that they’re actually good live. It is, perhaps, one of the most dramatic musical contrasts of the modern music era – how can a band so bad in the studio be so good on the road? Usually it’s the other way around. Who knows. The only way this band makes any money is by touring and they do it for like 459 days a year. It’s a hard life, so I hope they’re all friends. This funny article is about the band’s experiment and they also grab some amusing comments from local residents who received the album in the mail, as they were chosen demographically.

In the strange news department, I hope I don’t go to the hospital anytime soon and end up with a new anus instead of whatever I’m supposed to get. Yikes.

Saturday Night Live has been pretty weak the last few years, but I still Tivo the episodes and I still scroll through most of the episodes, trying to find one or two great moments. For the last couple of years, those moments have come courtesy of SNL’s Digital Shorts, which seems to be the pet project of cast member Andy Samberg. This one ran last fall and I just got around to watching it and it is pretty damn funny….