50% props out to my friend Matt Hickey today, who turned me on to what has become my favorite album of 2003 so far. The band is called Nada Surf and the album is called Let Go. They’re a pretty straight-ahead rock-pop band, but the songs are written and performed several notches above the norm. If you can check out the sound clip for “Happy Kid,” which could be the best song of the decade so far. Heady compliments, I know. Naturally, this qualifies it for nearly no radio play, for it seems that if you make too good an album these days, it’s withheld from the scummy grips of Clear Channel. Arf. Anyway, I’m (and Matt’s in Chicago) to tell you that this album is well worth your money. Or it’s well worth downloading, I suppose, for you kids out there who read this. Get it get it get it.

So why only 50% props, you ask? Well, Matt also runs the fantasy baseball league that he got me into. Despite the fact that my team appears to be loaded, I’m hovering near the bottom of the league, much like last season. It’s still early, but………damn.

Finally, I wish I could be in Taipai, Taiwan these days to see things like this

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