Lots of interesting little news tidbits today:

  • An article on the possible banning of plastic bags in the city of Boston. This is a curious subject. In grocery stores, for example, I used to swear by the plastic bags, not because they were more sturdy (they weren’t) or bio-degradable (they aren’t), but because they had handles. That’s it. Handles. That is the damn key to grocery bags. You know why? Because I hate having to do multiple trips back-and-forth to my car to pick up bags of groceries. Some may call that lazy, I call it efficient. If bags have handles, it means I can hold more of them. And I take that to extremes in order to avoid multiple trips. I will pile as many bags into my hands as I possibly can – I think once I did four in each hand. Inevitably, my arms start to ache and then I get a little miffed because when I reach the door, I have to fish out my keys to unlock it, and that means putting down the bags, getting keys, unlocking the door, etc. Inefficient! I am crazy! Anyway, since everyone can open cars remotely now, how come we can’t open our houses remotely? I’m way off topic. Anyway, my point: as soon as they added handles to paper bags a few years ago, I’ve never looked back. More room = less bags to carry. Handles rock on paper bags. I’m all for banning plastic ones! I have lost my mind.
  • The Alec Baldwin dust-up is a real drag. Maintaining a sane, safe, happy and stable family life is hard enough without dragging family stories through the national press. Now comes word that Baldwin wants to quit one of my favorite shows, 30 Rock, leave the country and focus on his family. Good for him! But can he please do it and stay on 30 Rock and live in the U.S.? Please? With sugar on top? He, and everyone else on that cast, is so friggin’ funny on that show – if they lose him, it’s a big, big blow.
  • Oh! Check this out! Gary Thorne, a well-known play-by-play guy for ESPN who also broadcasts Baltimore Orioles games locally in Maryland, came out on the air last night and said Doug Miribelli (Red Sox backup catcher) told him Curt Schilling (whose blog, by the way, is awesome) painted that red blood on his sock during the magical 2004 playoff run. Schilling didn’t really comment, but I’m sure he will on the blog soon. I mean, in the end, all they need to do if it comes down to it is get the sock and do a test – it’s sitting in the Hall of Fame.