You’ve gotta try this. Made me laugh pretty good.

My appreciation for gum drops (some people call them spice drops) dates all the way back to the 1970s, when we used to go to my grandmother’s house every Sunday for dinner. That, and my dad usually having some at the house I grew up in. He used to have the big green ones, and my grandmother had the multi-colored/flavored smaller ones. Great snacking. Every week after Sunday dinner at my grandparents, it was a comfort to know that gum drops would always be there – second drawer down, left-hand side of the cabinet. I think it was actually a dresser, converted to a cabinet, that was used to store food. I mention this because – lo and behold – someone decided to put Chuckles candy in the vending machine downstairs here at work. Bless their soul. Now, Chuckles aren’t exactly spice drops, but they’re suitable enough a replacement and easy to access. Damn, I do love me the spice drops. Fun jelly candy, and usually fat free, so they’re good for me. Right? Right?

Scrubs is starting to take over Ed as my favorite show on television. Excellent writing, insanely funny characters and great backing music. They even had Built To Spill one night. How about that? Last night’s episode had me rolling, especially the four doctors who were an a capella group that only sang TV Theme Songs. They sang “Charles In Charge” – twice. That show is genius.