You know when you sign up for something online, you have to occasionally give your birthdate? Back in the internet-boom days, this was “personalization,” the great little get-to-know-ya thing that was supposed to revoloutionize the internet. You give them your information and they would target products to you based on your info and send you emails, etc. But you always had to enter your birthday. So through the years, I’ve signed up for a few things here and there (Friendster, Amazon, blah blah blah) and I always wondered when some company would utilize my data and send me a birthday wish. Today, my dreams came true.

The Boston Bruins sent me an email this morning wishing me a happy birthday. Isn’t that sweet? There is, however, one problem – I never have signed up for anything with the Boston Bruins website and today is not my birthday. Screw the internet.

Off to New York today until Friday for my, uh, internet related job. Will post from the Big Apple as I attend the Search Engine Strategies conference. Whoooooo!

Who wants to play Pac-Man?