You know how the banks are only open from like 10am to noon every day? Yeah. Well, after that, you have to stick your card into the little slot to get in to use the ATM if you’re using the indoor machines. I’ve always been a sheep and just put my bank card into that slot. Well, that has now changed.

Having noticed for the first time that my Massachusetts drivers license actually contains a black magnetic stripe, I decided to see if my drivers license would open the bank door. You know what? It did. I very well might be the only one in the world who didn’t know this. However, does anyone find this troubling? I kind of feel like bank cards and credit cards should be the only cards that are opening doors for access to ATM’s, not drivers licenses.

My next experiment will be to use my license in other places where black magnetic stripes are required.

UPDATE: This just in. Major League Baseball’s all-time hair gallery. As you might expect, this is priceless stuff.

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