It was my “triumphant return to rock,” as my friend Kristin put it. She was referring to last Friday night’s visit to The Orpheum in Boston, where she and I saw the fabulous Kings of Leon. It was my first live show, really, since last October, when I saw Built to Spill.

I don’t really believe the whole story behind the Kings Of Leon (brothers/cousins who spent their youth traveling with their parents as part of a church group or something), but it’s a good gimmick. All that matters is that they can play. And they are bad-ass. Once again, the mark of the band is a very distinct voice – one that sounds much more weathered and old then the 23 year old throat it’s coming out of. They’ve now released three pretty terrific albums and I think they’re here to stay. Live, they were tight, loud and tremendous. At some point during the show, I even shouted to Kristin, “They are ALL business!”

I found this on YouTube, a live clip of one of my favorite KOL songs, “The Bucket.” Just watch it. It’s only 2:18 long. Enjoy: