I can’t think of any reason why I wouldn’t be at The Paradise in Boston tonight for what promises to be an excellent show – Nada Surf and Rogue Wave will both be toting their excellent brand(s) of indie rock to the masses. The new Nada Surf album, The Weight Is A Gift has grown on me like a weed in the past few months and Rogue Wave bring a different, but equally enthralling offering to the table.

I would be totally psyched to be at this show tonight – if I wasn’t 1,511 miles away in Kansas for work right now. There is an outside shot that I could make it to some of the show – my plane lands tonight at 11pm, but the chances appear slim, which is very disappointing. And yes, if the plane lands on time (it rarely does), I will try.

UPDATE: I won’t try. My flight has been delayed and I am now not landing in Boston until nearly 1am. So it goes…

UPDATE #2: Now I’m really screwed. I’m sitting in Chicago O’Hare and now my flight doesn’t leave until 11pm — central time. Scheduled to land in Boston around 2:15 am. Let the good times roll.

However, on the slightly positive side, I’ve always maintained that it’s one of my goals in life to set foot in each of the 50 states in the U.S., and even though I’m on a work trip, this counts. Kansas becomes the 40th state I’ve visited (I do not count airport layovers, otherwise I’d be at 41 with Colorado). Here are the 10 states that still need to be ticked off my list:

North Dakota
South Carolina

None of these, other than South Carolina or Alaska, appear to be terribly promising destinations for good times, but I’ll find a way and I’m when I get there, there will be something redeeming about each.