Steph and I started seeing each other in February of 2000. One of the early dates was a visit to Improv Boston, where a small group of local actors basically make up skits on the fly and often involve the audience. Of course, I was petrified they’d pick me to go up there to do something, but other than that, we laughed like hell. It was a good time and a very funny and quick-thinking group of people. We encouraged a large group of friends to go about a month later, telling them it was hilarious. Murphy’s Law struck hard – because that night was pretty weak. So it goes.

Anyway, my point is that I love improv and spontaneous comedy involving unsuspecting real people. A friend of mine sent me this last week, where a group of New York City-based improv folks did some pretty funny stuff in a McDonald’s bathroom at Times Square. I got a good laugh out of this one – pictures and video included.

The Extreme Home Makeover people have completely taken over the neighborhood. It is really amazing to watch. Yesterday they destroyed the house in about 30 seconds. No lie. Three big yellow dozer like things with big-ass claws just rammed it twice and all four walls just fell in like it was made of glass. The foundation was put in overnight – they’re working 24 hours, all day, all week. It’s impressive and the area is just a total zoo. I can’t wait for Friday when they unveil it to the family. I rarely watch the show because that Ty dude yells too much, but I respect very much what they do. The spirit of our community is really shining a light this week. I’m extra proud to be a resident of Maynard right now.

Pictures are here. I will not post pictures of the finished product. Some things need to remain a surprise to viewers!