Yesterday was my birthday. Cinco De Mayo! With each passing year, birthdays kind of get more unbelieveable. For example, I started high school 20 years ago. I graduated college 10 years ago. Etc, etc.

Anyway, I believe that the common cold might be the ultimate game of Six Degrees of Seperation. I seem to have acquired one yesterday (happy birthday!) and I came to wonder exactly where it happened and who it came from. It could have easily come from the plane the night before – a very likely suspect seeing as though I was trapped in airtight, steel tube for a period of time, a place where a virus is prone to flourish. Hell, it might have come from a superstar actor or actress I passed by on the streets yesterday. It might have come from the waiter who served me lunch yesterday. Who knows? It didn’t help that I was in the office last night until almost 8pm (happy birthday!) trying to put out two work-related fires.

The night got better, though. Upon getting to my favorite hotel in the world, The Hotel Giraffe, I found out that they upgraded me to one their suites (happy birthday!), which was a much welcomed surprise, especially for a NYC hotel. I didn’t ask why, I took the key, immeadiately ran upstairs, and laid claim to my suite. A nice & large, chic, urban suite in NYC is a rare score. After getting settled in, I went across the street to the chain Houston’s, where I quickly ordered up a rum-and-ginger-ale (happy birthday) and some Wild Mushroom Soup. The main course was a well-prepared and delicious Filet Mignon (happy birthday). I took myself out to dinner, yo. Sitting next to me was a fashion consultant from MTV whose name, she claimed, was Margherita. This is what I like about New York. You can bump into the most random people and make inane conversation, but inevitably almost everyone here has an interesting story, background, or career to talk about. Our conversation lasted all of 10 minutes and then she was gone, probably to buy pants for a VJ or something.

Song now playing: Guided By Voices – “Hot Freaks”