Yesterday I woke up at 7:30am and headed out to the gym (I know, 7:30am + Sunday morning + going to the gym = insane) and when I stepped outside, I looked around and noticed that our neighborhood was……..yellow. It was weird. I used to work in video production and sometimes we would put color shades over the lighting to give something a hue – that’s what it was like. Yellow. So Stephanie and I wondered for a bit why the heck it was yellow outside, and we found out that because of the forest fires up in Quebec, the smoke was drifting southeast. Very odd.

We ended up at Crane’s Beach again on the 4th – never in my life have I been so happy just floating in the Atlantic Ocean water on a 95 degree day. Upon return, we watched the Boston fireworks with some of Stephanie’s friends from out-of-town. Originally we had planned on standing on the Harvard Square bridge and watching the show, but since it was approximately 257 degrees outside, we ended up watching them from a pizza restaurant in Harvard Square. Air conditioning, a flat-screen plasma TV and something like 45 speakers made it seem like we were there. Sort of.

What a week for air conditioning to celebrate its 100th anniversary! For four straight days last week, we were inundated with some of the most stifling humidity I can recall. It was horrendous. My appetite and my energy were just sapped all week long. Thank god for the AC in the bedroom – I would have never slept through that hell.

I’m on the verge of a major smoothie kick. I can feel it. Stephanie’s friend, Laura Simpson, stayed with us last week and she gave me the rundown on the right kinds of smoothie’s. My next step is to replace our blender from 1962 and start kicking some smoothie ass. I’ve already made a couple (mostly strawberry-banana) but next time I shop I’ll be buying some serious smoothie-making ingrediants.