So I stopped by the liquor store on the way home from my hockey game last night to pick up a six pack of beer. Red Hook ESB, to be specific. That’s my latest must-have beer. Anyway, I drop the six pack on the counter and the old Chinese man who runs the place makes small talk in a heavy accent about how hot it is outside and the war in Iraq. I nod and smile slightly, throw out a couple of “yeah’s” and collect my change.

Then he says to me, “I’m not going to ask for your ID tonight.” I say “hey, thanks” and as I start walking out, he adds “maybe 20 years ago I would have.”

I didn’t stop to ask him what he meant. But now I want to know. Is he hinting that I might have looked 21 years old back in 1985? Uh, what? I was 14 in 1985. Do I look that old? Or did he just mean that 20 years ago he was more strict about carding people? I’ll never know.

Here’s a question for you: if forced to give one up, would you rather give up your hearing or your sight? “Neither” is not an acceptable answer. As hard as it would be to not hear music anymore, or people’s voices, I think I’d have to give up my hearing before I gave up my sight.

Great shot of Hurricane Emily.