Why, hello there, peeps. I am writing this from the 29th floor of The Hilton in New York City. It’s where I’ve called home since Sunday night, when I flew here in what I think was the worst turbulence I’ve ever experienced in an airplane. Thank god it’s only an hour flight. This hotel is seriously nice. Serious. It’s about 2 blocks from Times Sqaure and it’s all marble and nice and shit. It’s hard to believe I’m actually staying here, in fact, being so used to Motel 6’s and low budget hotels (a result of running your own record label). And check this out – because I am registered to this conference here, I get a free head, neck and back massage, which I have scheduled for Wednesday at 7pm. They have a beautiful gym and spa here, too. Even being on the 29th floor of a hotel, though, it’s still hard to truly explain how majestic this city really is. I always said that I could never live in NYC, but I love visiting. The more I think about it, though, the more I believe I wouldn’t mind living here at all for a while. I just wonder if I’d get sick of the constant……movement. I do have this other dream about living in a house with land, a family dogs, DirectTV, a finished basement, and other stuff, too. I dunno. Anyway, I’m trying to get out and do stuff, but last night found me pretty tired and in my room by about 8:30, munching on the most enormous turkey sandwich I have ever laid eyes on. Tonight, however, I am about to take my virgin voyage over to Madison Sqaure Garden to watch the New York Rangers play the Vancouver Canucks. Should be pretty cool…..