Whoa! The Jay Farrar interview from Friday seemed to be a bit of a hit. I got tons of positive feedback from many people and my site traffic exploded because the fine folks at Farrar’s management added a link to their newsletter. I ended up with like 5x the traffic I normally do. So lots of new souls around here right now. Hello there. I am Jeff.

I finally found what I believe is far better commenting service, which I’ve deployed already and you can see it below each post. Before I switched to Blogger’s horrendous commenting system a few months back, I was getting a lot of comments. When I made the switch, things went dark. So I hope you’ll utilize the new comments system, it’s way-hay-hay-hay better. One small problem – I tested it last night and while the comment appeared, the little number next to the comment is still zero. Baby steps, though. I’ll figure it out.

Song now playing: Robert Plant – “Big Log”