I’ve got this blog set up where if I post something here, it automatically adds a note to my Facebook page. I find it interesting that if you read the blog post on Facebook, there is no indication whatsoever that it comes from another site – no link, no attribution – nothing. What they’ve done is brought all of my blog posts into the Facebook environment, under the Facebook brand. A walled garden. I would suspect many people who read my blog posts on Facebook have no idea that it comes from a blog here at this domain, rustedrobot.com. The other interesting thing is comments. Comments to my posts on rustedrobot.com have gone way down. But comments on my blog posts at Facebook are higher in number than they ever were here. Traffic is also very interesting – used to be all or most of my traffic came from Google. Now Facebook and Google are running neck-and-neck, with Facebook pulling ahead lately. I don’t know what any of it means, really. I’m still of the belief that eventually Facebook will dwindle, much like MySpace and Friendster did. But Facebook is making it very hard for people to go away from it and they’re managing it far better than their previous, aforementioned companies did. So who knows. …..fascinating stuff.