When you’re not feeling especially creative or humorous, one can always take solace in the fact that the gym is a never-ending source for decent-to-amazing comedy. Two observations I made this morning while I was entangled in the eliptical machine:

Exhibit A: why do some people carry around notebooks when they work out? After every little thing they do, they have to write it in a notebook? Seriously? It makes me laugh. If you’ve been working out for, say, ten years, does the person have a gigantic stack of notebooks? Do they need to go back and refer to what they did on July 23, 1992? I don’t understand it. Or maybe they’re just writing down thier thoughts. “Whew – that was heavy.” Or “left lower deltoid a little sore.” I don’t know.

Exhibit B: props for creativity to the woman on the eliptical machine who shoves the walkman she listens to down her cleavage. Of course, there’s ample space on the machine itself, but nah. She wears a super-tight sports bra and no other top, and sticks the thing right down there. The best part is watching other people look at her – that interests me more than actually looking at the woman. Sociology – I just love it. I was going to major in it until I realized there weren’t many lucrative jobs out there as a sociologist. Heh. So I minored in it…..