While I was out in San Francisco earlier this week, I was walking back from lunch to the guest office I was working in when I heard laughter and noise coming from a closed-off room. I peeked inside and found out that there’s a game room in our HQ, with two comfy seats, two big screen TV’s and two XBox 360’s. I reported this to my co-worker who was in town from NYC and told him we needed to get in there at some point during the trip for a few minutes.

The next day, we both had about 15 minutes so we went in, where we proceeded to flick buttons, hit switches, try multiple controllers, multiple games – but we just couldn’t figure out how to get the damn thing to work. I did, very briefly, get Guitar Hero working, but by then I had to go into a meeting. So it goes. My point? It made us both feel like a couple of ignorant old-timers. I’m sure some of the twenty-somethings would’ve walked in and laughed at us.

The plane ride home was nice – I had a whole row to myself, which is a total rarity these days. Having a row to yourself is the closest you can come to first class without actually paying for it.

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