Well well well. It looks like Microsoft is finally getting into the search game. Welcome to the jungle. Many people think that sites like MSN, Yahoo and Lycos have thier own search technology. They don’t – they pay to use other technologies. For an interesting overview of all that, click here. There are actually very few “search technologies” out there. Google is obviously the big one, but lesser heard-of technologies such as FAST, Teoma and Inktomi actually have some impressive reach out on the web. The fact that MSN is now getting into the business could very well shake it to the foundations. Add the fact that they’re essentially coming out to the public and saying they want to take on Google, and that makes for some very interesting times coming up. Stay tuned.

It occured to me this morning as I was reading this story that it’s quite possible the people targeted in this great “deck of cards” caused more harm to innocent civilians in the United States than any war or military struggle in the past 10 years. An exaggeration? Maybe, but maybe not, when you consider how much money these people may have lost and how it *might* affect the lives of them and their children. I have absolutely no respect for these people and they should pay dearly for what they’ve done, which is essentially prolong a very tough time in our country’s economy. I know too many smart, hard-working people who are still out of work and it’s really painful to see their confidence take such a hit.

Lastly, please take a minute or two to read the Larry Doby obituary. It’s not as easy for people my age and younger to truly comprehend how damaging the issue of racism and color-of-skin was 50 years ago and still is today, to some degree. It’s hard for me to comprehend because I just didn’t live in those tension-wracked times. Larry Doby was the second black man to play Major League Baseball and the first to play in the American League. More importantly, he was a good man. No good man or woman, colored or not, should have to endure the kind of things these pioneers had to endure. The fact that some of his own teammates wouldn’t even acknowledge him is just so sad and depressing. We’ve made great strides since those days, although we’re not even near perfect, but racism is a black mark on our society that’s just plain embarassing to be a part of.

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