Well, I went and did it. I bought myself a high falutin’ widescreen, HDTV. I am leaving for Chicago for a week, so I won’t have adequate time to really dig deep into the guts of this thing, but boy, so far it sure is a nice little toy. I bought it after much internal deliberation – I wasn’t sure if I should get the standard tube TV (generally the best quality picture) or a larger screen, thin TV, which are generally better overall, lighter and more suitably equipped for future generations of TV. I opted for the latter. My research and investigation indicated that most, if not all, shows will be formatted for the 16:9 widescreen format and in high-definition. This TV is optimized for those two features. For now, I’ll have to watch some TV in the 4:3 format, which means there will be bars on the left and right, but soon enough all TV will be in 16:9 anyway and most shows that I make it a point to watch are already offered in HD, so I’m good. Totally good. I feel like a bit of a capitalist pig, but I’m good.

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