Well, I finally did it. I am now a woman. Oh wait – wrong blog. Sorry about that. I finally got myself an Ipod. At first I thought I was undoubtedly going to go for the 40GB, which holds 10,000 songs, but when I did some quick and dirty math I thought the 20GB would suffice at 5,000 songs, so that’s what I got. I have about 1,200 cd’s at my house, and if you figure, on average, four good songs per disc, that’s 4800 tunes and I’m thinking four good songs per disc might be a liberal assessment. We’ll see. Got the car adapter, too.

Anyway, getting the music from the computer onto the IPod is lightning quick with Firewire. Getting the music onto the computer, though, now that’s going to take some time. I’m only up to the “Be…” section of my collection right now. I just added a whole slew of Beatles songs (in this case, the 4 good songs per disc average is conservative, although I still believe that “Sgt. Peppers…” is a horrifically overrated album. Only 3 songs from that record made it onto the IPod.

The thing about the IPod, and I know I’m late to the game, is that you really do rediscover your music collection. I had forgotten how good those two Alice In Chains acoustic EP’s are. I had forgotten how good Dan Baird’s solo records are. I have not forgotten how brilliant The Autumn Defense is, though.

Was on my way to play hockey last night, driving along a fairly busy road. It wasn’t completely pitch black out just yet – the daylight was breathing it’s very last breaths, though. So I’m driving along, listening to Graham Lindsey’s “Famous Anonymous Wilderness” when I see something in the road and as I drive closer I notice it’s a full-grown deer. Just standing there in the middle of the road as if to be thinking “what the hell am I standing on and what the hell do I do?” Since it was on the other side of the road, I drove by and beeped to try and get it to run, but it was frozen and another car was coming in the other direction. I flicked my lights and continued to beep, but the deer just stood there. I was hoping and praying the person coming in the other direction would notice the deer and they apparantly did – at the last second. I watched as the deer took off and ran in the woods…..

Song now playing: Dan Baird – “Cumberland River”