I’m not quite sure what I’ve done to be able to stay here, but I’m not arguing it. Greetings from St. Helena, California, in the heart of wine country and Napa Valley. After spending all day – and I mean ALL day – cooped up in a conference room for an internal work meeting, we’ve moved things about an hour-and-a-half north of the city. Suffice it to say, it’s way nicer here. Way. Exhibit one: the amazing piece of lamb I had last night here. Rock on, Beavis! I’m probably the only one who’s ever typed that in this cottage.

Along with all these meetings and moving around through comes an extra level of exhaustion. I hit the bed last night with a fierceness which only a marathon runner knows, probably. Thank god I don’t run marathons. Only crazy people do that. If I need to get 26.2 miles away, I take the damn car. Of course, the madness will continue soon, to the tune of a near-three hour drive south tomorrow after our meetings adjourn here. Yes, another meeting…….there I go, turn the page.