Looks like we’re in a TV repeat cycle lately. I blame YOU, stupid college basketball! Stupid!

That said, last night we found ourselves well fed with some homemade pizza (mushroom, green pepper, sausage) and ready to lounge and melt into the couch in exhaustion after a hectic but fun weekend up in New Hampshire. We had nothing on the DVR so we VOD’d two shows that were pretty new to us.

In Treatment is apparantly about a psychologist and the stories of him and his patients as they come and go. It was the first episode I’ve seen and it’s clearly in the middle of a story arc, but it wasn’t difficult to get caught up. I like the show. It’s hushed silence makes it feel like a little morose, but then again, I loved Six Feet Under perhaps more than any other show ever, so this could be up my alley.

You don’t need to get caught up on any story arc to enjoy Flight of the Conchords. How did I not watch or catch wind of this show any earlier? It’s pretty hilarious. Two guys from New Zealand come to NYC to try and make it big as a band. The songs they do for the show had me laughing pretty good. In this particular episode, they were hired to write and sing a feminine toothpaste product by an advertising company and then had to dress up as toothpaste to sing it in the commericial. High comedy. Very well done show.