Thought it would make sense today to share with you a couple of songs that have been rocking my world lately.

Bobby Bare Jr’s The Heart Bionic is quite the addicting little rock song. Bare Jr. has an especially distinctive, quirky voice and an exceptional ability to make his songs crawl into your head and stay there for a good, long while. This is certainly one of them. I especially like those horns, which you don’t really notice right away, then after a minute you realize it makes the song. At least I think those are horns – maybe some of you musician readers can confirm. I love the line “the medicine you gave me made me feel like a sap.” Anyway, my friend Leo and I saw him open for the Drive-By Truckers last fall and he was terrific. Hit the play button or right click to save.

Merge Records is on a roll. They just released a record by a band called The Broken West that is totally blowing my mind. It’s like a combination of all of my favorite music, rolled up into one band. Power pop? Check. Rock and roll? Check. West coast Byrds-ian vibe? Check. Down In The Valley showcases the band’s power pop/rock persona and if you don’t think this is a tremendous song with hooks galore, then you should be listening to Bing Crosby records full-time. I can almost guarantee you’ll be humming this to yourself all day long after just one listen!