A couple of quick hits today:

  • I didn’t know that Keith Foulke was attempting a comeback. You can never truly know a professional athlete these days because they’re in that 1% of the population who are making 90% of the money, which means most of them live quietly in gated communities so people don’t bother them. Sometimes I think about athletes and I just get mad because their incomes are obscene, while teachers toil away in the $35-50K annum range. That said, the market is the market. If someone is willing to pay them to the moon, why wouldn’t they take it? Teachers would. But the subject of professional athletes is another topic. Foulke is an interesting individual. I can’t tell if he’s a total prick or one of those guys who is just trying hard to be a normal Joe. I think I know the answer after reading that article.
  • I know I’ve mentioned Margot & The Nuclear So-and-So’s here before. Never judge a book by its cover. Yes, the band name is terrible, but these guys continue to make pure, real music. This is a video I pulled from what I think is a French website. The music is shot all acoustic and live, but the video has subtle artsy elements that make it interesting to watch. Nice song, too. See here:

Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s – German Motor Car – A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.