Two funny things happened to me last week:

1. Was driving down Route 2 in Concord, MA when we saw an elderly woman walking down the highway. Very odd to see an old woman walking, especially on Route 2, which is a two-lane and quite a busy roadway used by many vehicles to get in and out of Boston. So there’s this elderly lady walking down Route 2, and she’s flapping her arms like a bird. Flap flap. Very odd. There’s a possibility this wouldn’t be funny at all for a few reasons – maybe she’s lost, maybe she’s delirious, maybe she’s insane. Whatever. You couldn’t help but laugh.

2. Was at the beach on July 4th and two dudes were tosssing a football back and forth about 10 feet from us. They’re complete lunkheads, talking about how dark each other will be after a day at the beach, blah blah blah, when suddenly one of the guys throws the football……..and it’s in mid-air, sailing across the sun-soaked sky, a perfect spiral intended to hit it’s target……until a dumb-ass seagull flies directly into it. Both the ball and the seagull come crashing down to Earth as if they had been shot. The seagull, clearly shocked and bewildered (and stupid, as they all are), looks around and struggles up, shakes it off, and flies off. I let out a yell “holy crap! did you see that???!!!!!!!!” Good stuff.