Last night I was out in Lexington, MA having dinner with an old friend and I was telling her all the normal stuff about how your life (and availability to go out for a quick dinner) changes dramatically when the kids come. Blah blah blah. You’ve heard it all before. She told me that she’s become a TV-holic lately, so we started exchanging shows we watch on a regular basis. My list, of course, was short. It’s basically 30 Rock, The Office, Lost and Grey’s Anatomy. And the Bruins when they’re good.

However, since all the shows are now in summer reruns, Steph and I have turned to Verizon FIOS On-Demand to find something new to watch. We haven’t seen season 4 of Weeds, which I love, so that’s always an option. We also gave United States of Tara a couple of viewings and I think we may stick with it – very interesting and cool. A while back we caught a few episodes of Flight of the Conchords and we loved that. And finally, we have seen the first episode of Edie Falco’s new show, Nurse Jackie, and that looks quite promising. I doubt we’ll see every episode of these shows, but I think there’s enough on our plate to fill the 22 minutes we have per night if we’re lucky.

One show I used to watch but can’t bear to anymore is Jon & Kate + 8. What started out as a show about a family of multiples has taken a quick and sad turn into a soap opera. What TLC is doing with these people is a bit heartbreaking. There is nobody to blame for what’s going on here, either – it is everyone’s fault. It’s TLC’s fault for exploiting them, it’s the parents fault for actually continuing the show and it’s the viewers fault for continuing to watch it in droves. Millions still watch it, so it doesn’t make a different in the ratings if I elect not to, but I’m not supporting that tripe. Plenty of other constructive things to do with my time, like read or sleep. I got a kick out of this short piece from Slate on a recent Jon & Kate episode.