A tremendous article about Bill Buckner, found in today’s Boston Globe. Those who singularly blame him for his error costing the Red Sox a World Series are smoking crack.

Still reeling over the news about Elliot Smith. Two fantastic quotes I found from friends and professional acquaintences:

“Like most great artists, he saw the world as both a beautiful and

a brutal place,” said [Luke] Wood, a DreamWorks executive. “He

found a way to explore the space in between those. Obviously,

it’s all the more tragic in that his songs were a dialogue between love and loss. And in the end, he didn’t get the upper end of the conversation.”

“”He was perhaps his generation’s most gifted singer/songwriter. His enormous talent could change your life with a whisper.” – Official DreamWorks statement.

Finally, a verbatim, cut-and-pasted quote from the webmaster who ran the site the Elliot Smith website, which has been bookmarked on my page (to the left, there) since I started this weblog: “i wish i knew every word he said to me word for word to share with you. im sorry i wish i could say more. im sad. so how can you say goodbye to someone who was and is so wonderful? you don’t because elliott will be forever in my heart and hopefully yours. i will always have his love, kindness, intelligence, humbleness, creativeness, greatness and so much more in me forever because that’s what he was and i’ll always love him for being who he was. i love you so much elliott. thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and soul for making me happy when i need it or i just wanted to rock out. thank you for bringing such much joy to your love ones, family, your friends and all of us. i really pray you heard all the great things you gave us. love and friends. i’ll miss you so much. we will all miss you. see you in heaven elliott.”