Another installment of some of my favorite posts as I celebrate five years of blogging:

The date was November 17, 2003. I had been watching a CNN documentary about the JFK assassination and began to flip channels. I had also been in a phase where I took various Associated Press photos and made up my own stories. Here’s what I wrote at the time and I included the picture to the right:

“During one of the commercials on that CNN special, I flipped over to the Patriots game as it was ending. The Patriots won the game and the teams were all on the field shaking hands, praying, etc etc and the two coaches, Belichek and Parcells, met up at mid-field for the customary coaches handshake. Only this time, they took it a little further. Upon meeting at mid-field, the two old friends stopped for an instant, gazed into each other’s eyes and locked themselves into a deep, passionate tongue-kiss…..I think we knew all along about these two…..”