This whole thing about U.S. servicemen and servicewomen’s abuse of Iraqi prisoners is just disgusting and embarassing. Realistically, blaming a single person like Bush or Rumsfeld for these events is probably a little shortsighted. Yes, it’s on their watch and some responsibility must be taken for it. But you can’t fire the principal of a school district if a 5th grader acts up in class. Which is a great example to use here, as the men and women who were watching over these prisoners seem to have had the intelligence of a 5th grader – and I’m probably being generous there. Today’s Boston Globe article which profiles some of the servicemen/women is an eye-opener and makes pretty clear to me who’s at fault – the whole damn system. The people who run the system for not getting these reserves better prepared to handle prisoners, and the reservists themselves for not knowing any better. A very sad time in our country right now.

In much better news, I’m seeing SLOAN tonight here in New York City and I am psyched.

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