OK, so this topic might seem a tad strange, but tonight I was driving over to a friend’s house with my wife to watch the Oscars and I realized that despite the car being sufficiently heated and my wearing gloves, my hands were still cold. Very cold. I told my wife about this and she simply said, referring to the gloves, “take them off, then.” Her common sense is as sharp as anyone you’ll find, really (and I mean that), so I took her advice and not three minutes later, my hands were comfortably warm.

Can anyone explain this? You see, I’ve always been under the impression that the main purpose of gloves was to keep the hands warm. Yeah, yeah, I understand the whole thing about why people wear gloves vs. mittens, so gloves do have additional purposes, but how is it possible that my hands warmed up only after I removed what are supposed to actually warm them up? Honestly, am I stupid? Has it really taken me 34 years to find out that gloves don’t the serve the purpose I believe they supposed to serve?

Steph’s answer is simple: she just always wears mittens. My answer is more simple: let’s move somewhere warm. Now, I’m not sure about you guys out there, but I’m not eager to don mittens, myself. I don’t do mittens. I’m not sure if its a masculine thing, but it’s just not happening. OK, it’s a masculine thing.