So, we had an enjoyable, but tough weekend up on Squam Lake in New Hampshire this past weekend. Both Steph and I have been feeling slightly under-the-weather. Not bad enough to stay home, but not good enough to be at our most energetic. Now pack all the STUFF you need with 1 year old twins, haul it two hours north, stay in a house that is completely un-child proofed and then sprinkle in 3 other cousins, all under six years old (including another set of twin boys) and you have yourself a casserole of exhaustion. I mean, TOTAL exhaustion! Here’s the cherry on top: one of ours decided to throw up on Sunday morning. Yeah! Like I said, fun, but exhausting.

Here’s the point: today and tonight I’m preparing myself to play hockey and then about 15 minutes before I leave, remember that I broke not one, but TWO hockey sticks in my previous game and I have no sticks. Which means no game. These kind of things never used to slip my mind! Ah, well. Two things will never change: they’re cute and I love ’em.