This is very very strange. I mean, how did the kid get in there? How did nobody notice? I mean, his dad didn’t notice, that’s probably not uncommon. But nobody noticed? The picture might be the funniest picture I’ve seen in years. The funniest comment on this came from Ken, a friend of mine, who wrote me and pointed out that the most suitable end to this story would have been if the father went and got a roll of quarters and played the game to get the kid out. I couldn’t agree more!

They were playing Van Halen on the Howard Stern show this morning because they had a woman in the studio who, unbeknownst to them, was one of the models used in the “Hot For Teacher” video. My only comment on this is actually a question of sorts: I feel like the song “Jump” was the real end of Van Halen. This song marked their transition from rock band to “synth-rock band.” Anything after that, in my eyes, was complete trash. Agree?

Song now playing: The Grateful Dead – “Tastebud”