This is a very, very funny way to address a pretty serious topic. I’d love to see some video footage of this. Just imagine trying to explain it to a 5-year old kid or something. Makes me laugh.

I’ve had a full week now to digest the new Jayhawks album (that’s really not good for the colon..), called Rainy Day Music and so far, it’s pretty brilliant. Where Sound of Lies and Smile excelled in their polished, catchy pop, the new albums stuns with it’s beautiful kind of sadness, much like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young in their prime. Of course, Gary Louris’ voice is far stronger than anyone in CSNY, but my comment is meant as a great compliment to The Jayhawks. A terrific listen.

In other news, uh…….what?

Song now playing: The Kinks “You Can’t Stop The Music”