I knew this day would come. We’re at a stage right now where our babies are starting to sleep through the night. You hear it all the time from parents, but let me tell you, this really is a true miracle. I now comprehend entirely why sleep deprivation is used as a means of torture. Anyway, this isn’t happening every night, but it’s happening with slightly more regularity. This means that anything is possible on any night – and that wreaks havoc on my baseball playoff watching.

You see, the jack-asses at the TV networks have to put the games on at 8:30pm eastern time because they’ll make more advertising dollars. This means that each night, it’s a roll of the dice for me. If I stay up and the babies have a bad night, I am screwed the next day. Go to bed early, I may miss more classic moments.

I went to bed early on Friday night – and missed Ramirez’s walk off BOMB, but got nearly nine hours of sleep as both babies snoozed straight through. You see my pickle? Each night I’m faced with this decision now…….I did stay up for the classic Yankees-Indians bug-infested tilt, though. That was a beauty of a game.

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