This has got to be the funniest thing I’ve read in the last year. Normally, if I am shopping on, I do pay some mind to the reviews submitted by other people. But when I read the reviews for the latest Family Circle book, I was dying from laughter. Someone had a good time with those. In case you’re unaware, Family Circle is an embarassingly bad comic, found in many newspapers. You’ve GOT to read the reader-submitted reviews here. Classic.

Another stunning photograph from the Earth Observatory of the destruction the tsunami brought to Asia. I can’t even imagine seeing it in person.

On a much lighter note, we Tivo’d the season opener of Alias on Wednesday night because I had a hockey game. So we settled in to watch the 2-hour season premiere last night and as usual, it didn’t disappoint. I missed the first season of Alias, but started watching in the middle of the second season and have been hooked ever since. It seems that at the end of every single episode, though, Jennifer Garner’s character, the ass-kicking Sidney Bristow, ends up in solutude somewhere a quivering, sobbing mess. Stephanie and I have taken to calling her Sidney McBeal, in tribute to the ultimate “I’m so alone I could cry” show, Ally McBeal. What we have here is Ally McBeal in the CIA. Thankfully, it’s only for the last few minutes of each show, though. The rest of it – I love.

Sidenote: there’s now a hockey link over there to the right – certain members of the team keep whining that there’s not a link on this blog to the team site. In order to further build team cohesion, I’ve added the link. Translation: no more whining.

Last night during dinner my musical taste was brought into question by my wife. She claims that Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” actually is the better song in comparison to “Hot Legs.” I cannot be convinced of this and I won’t waver. “Hot Legs” crushes “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy.” But I did promise I’d put it to a vote here. So leave a comment if you want and give us your opinion – “Hot Legs” or “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy.” If you had to choose one, which would it be? By the way, the commenting system is much easier now since I changed it – you don’t need to register or anything. So vote. This is almost as important as the presidential election. My faith in my reader(s) is at stake here.