There always seems to be an occasion to find wierd shit when you move. My recent move was no exception. Upon emptying an old trunk I’ve been carrying with me for nearly ten years now, I came across a few tapes from my college radio show on WKSR – 6-10am on Saturdays during my junior year. Momentarily paralyzed by fear because I have no means to listen to these, I wondered what to do. Then I remembered that my car actually has a tape player! Oh yes, the way to work was going to be interesting….

……and it was. For example, why was I so excited to be playing not one – but two – new songs by the band King’s X? What on Earth prompted me to play the song “Live is Life” – a great old 80s tune – after Mother Love Bone and before Cracker? (Extra Credit for anyone that can tell me who sang “Live is Life” without searching the internet first). Speaking of Cracker, how odd is it that before I played the song “Teen Angst,” I was talking about “the great new band called Cracker.” Then I realized it’s been over ten years since I did these shows and how glad I am that I have them documented. In the next few days, as I listen to more of these, I’ll lay out some playlists here…….but it’s a great trip down memory lane. One specific memory I have is getting to the radio station at 5:45am on Saturday morning for my shift and finding three straight ten minute songs because I was just too out of it to concentrate on pushing buttons every three minutes, so I programmed them and just went and sat in the bathroom in perfect silence for a half an hour. I rarely went to bed on Friday’s before doing my show. It made for some interesting times.

Finally got around to watching The Pianist last night. What a film. I still cannot believe there was a time where things like The Holocaust were actually happening. There were a few moments in this film where I just cringed – feeling sick, embarrassed for the dark sides of human nature and really sad. It just hurts to even think about it too much……nonetheless, quite a good movie.

Song now playing: Gram Parsons – “Brass Buttons”