Random bits I’ve been meaning to post about:

– It’s so sad for baseball that nobody can truly be excited about the all-time home run record being broken. Except for Barry Bonds, of course. He’ll be excited. Luckily for the game, it won’t take as long to break the record next time – as it much as it pains me to say it, Alex Rodriguez is on track to surpass should he stay healthy. Now, say what you want about Rodriguez (and I do), but one thing he isn’t is a user. All that said, performance enhancers don’t hit the ball. They just hit it far. Bonds is still a great hitter.

– Just because Pavement had a popular video on MTV and sold some records doesn’t mean that they can sit back and be all rich. Bassist Mark Ibold, for example, is a working man through and through.

– The great Sloan recently made an appearance on The World Cafe (WXPN, Philadelphia) to promote their newest album, which I have really come around to. It’s their White Album.

– You might see some weirdness around here as I fool around with some different looks. Please excuse the construction while we renovate. This is what happens when I have a vacation (this coming week) and we’re not really going anywhere…..