Starting a new job is pretty crazy. Some people do it every year, so they probably are used to it. The last time I did it was in 2001 and I’m not even sure that counts because nearly all the people I shared an office with in that physical location were not people I ever had to deal with. Eventually, by 2005 or so, I was working at home more or less full time. So I think I need to go back to 2000 for the last time I really had a “first day.” That’s ten years ago, for a company that flamed out in the collapse. I have forgotten how to be the new guy.

Anyway, I’m smack in the middle of it now. It’s very interesting, because I’ve been brought in to bring this company into the new millennium online. I must say, it’s great fun so far. Obviously everyone knows how important the web is, but nobody here really fervently lives it. It’s busy as all hell, but it’s ALL stuff I’m interested in. My phone rings a lot, too.

I find myself more interested, actually, in the warts. Not because I’m pessimistic, but because in order to really take stock, you have to know what’s wrong first. There is a LOT to do here. But the new guy thing can be intimidating. You don’t know the lay of the land – who is invaluable, valuable or unvaluable.¬†You really don’t know anything and nobody knows anything about you. There is some common ground in that I’m pretty sure most of us are into sports. But no longer can I wax with a co-worker about Foursquare or the Bing-Yahoo search merger. Nobody here cares about that stuff – though if I have my way, they’ll care a lot about Foursquare soon.

The new guy. I’m getting used to it.