There really is a first time for everything. Sometimes, “firsts” happen twice in a single day. For example, yesterday was the first time I ever opened my little contact lens case to find that I hadn’t bothered dousing them in solution. So they were shriveled and dried up. Question: can you rescue contact lenses that have dried up? i.e., if I had doused them again, would they be usable after drying up? I didn’t bother finding out. I tossed them and grabbed two new ones.

Which brings me to my next “first” – upon opening the new set, I proceeded to put both contact lenses into my left eye. Yes, two in the same eye. Sleep deprivation can do that to you, you know. I’ve had contact lenses now for almost two years and never even dreamed I was capable of such an embarrassing feat. Ah, but if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that I am indeed capable of many embarrassing feats. I was a little freaked about trying to get one or both of them out, but the one on top came right out and the one on my eye remained. No harm done.

On a completely separate note, how is it that Bill Belichick still has a job? Not only that, but the team actually extended his contract five years? Huh?