With all the time I spend on airplanes or walking from hotel-to-office in New York City, I’m on the lookout for a good, quality pair of noise-cancelling headphones for my Ipod. Does anyone have any recommendations? It doesn’t have to be one of those newfangled deals with all kinds of words like “Open and circumaural!” or “Dynamic Transducer Principle” or anything like that, but I also don’t want some cookie-cutter $20 pair, either. I’d probably like something in the $60-100 range that doesn’t have huge earphones that make me look like Princess Leia. Any suggestions?

So, one of the major gas/oil players is making a small, but fairly dramatic, move to alternatives/reneweables. BP (British Petroleum) has always claimed to be more forward-thinking in the alternative energy game, but a lot of it felt like BP just taking out full page ads in the major metropolitan newspapers to tell us about it. Now they seem to be acting on it, although James over at the alternative energy blog has the more telling information about the investment than the article in this morning’s Boston Globe does. Surprise surprise.

So, I’ve now learned what I assume are the six most common chords for the guitar and I am able to bounce around semi-effortlessly between the six, with the occasional embarassing screw up, of course. I suppose “occasional” is not the right word, as it’s probably more often than that. My confidence was shaken a bit by attempting to learn some fingerpicking via the instructional DVD, though. You can bang a chord out pretty easily, but if your finger is seemingly one centimenter out of place, you’ll make fingerpicking sound like you’re on the midnight train to William Hung Station. I may be ready to attempt a song soon….we’ll see.