It used to be that I scoured the list of album releases every week, trying to see if I could uncover something new or something that sounded interesting. Nowadays, due to a combination of the internet and life in general, that doesn’t happen anymore. The internet allows us to sample new music every day. I like that much better than having to go to a record store and listen to sound samples every Tuesday. However, I have way less time.

Anyway, it’s a pretty rare occasion when I wait and wait and wait for a specific album to come out with big anticipation. It’s pretty safe to say that I’ve been waiting years for a new Tim Easton album and it is finally out today. Oh, I was able to sample a song on MySpace, but to finally get my digital mitts on the whole thing – this is a day I’ve been waiting for a long time! The album is called “Porcupine” and it’s one of those very very rare times that I will buy an album in its entirety without having heard hardly any of it. The guy is a monster songwriter capable of throwing songs out there that stick around in your head forever.

Anyway, head over to Easton’s MySpace page if you want to sample the excellent “Burgundy Red” – all you need to do is click that link and it should start playing. Or you can press the little play button below here. Give it a whirl, Easton is really a talented guy.


Oh, Stormy

I’ve had a couple of recent releases playing relatively non-stop on my computer lately. Here’s a couple of samples:

Easton Stagger Phillips is a side-project of the grossly underrated Tim Easton, whom I interviewed here back in 2004 and actually posted on the morning of my wedding day. Easton has quietly built himself an arsenal of some of the best recordings of the past 10 years. He has multiple musical personalities, but it all ties back to his strongest asset – his songwriting. For this album, he teamed up with fellow musicians Leroy Stagger and Evan Phillips, his friends from Alaska and they put together a collection of songs that feel awfully Big Pinkish – and that’s a compliment of the highest order. The album is called “One For The Ditch” and the sample here is called “Stormy.” Easton doesn’t handle vocals on this track, but any of the songs will give you a sense of the great vibe on this record.


Blitzen Trapper is a band that kind of defies explanation. Part indie rockers, part campfire singers and part psychedelia, I suppose. But certainly unique. They sound like the kind of band that might not shower very much. I really have no idea what that means, but I think you still get the point. They’ve just released “Furr,” which I believe to be their 2nd full length release and it’s really moving the needle for me. Sample here is “War On Machines.”


Random Musings

I Twittered it earlier, but it bears mentioning that I went and picked up a new snowblower last week (Thursday) and within the first three days of owning it, used it four times. There are certain things I don’t mind doing outside, but there are two that I avoid at all costs – shoveling snow and raking leaves. I just won’t do it. Not when there’s machines that can do it for you. A old roommate of mine in Somerville once said “if I can do anything to make my life a little easier, I do it.” Godspeed. If you can afford a snowblower, or a leaf blower, or an air conditioner or whatever – but it. OK? Good.

I guess I’ll be posting my top 10 music list sometime soon, but it’s so hard to find the time to really launch a big post like that, complete with music samples and all. I might have to suck it up and stay up past 10pm one night to do it. It was another pretty rich year for music to these ears.

How about this stat – The three Boston teams currently in mid-season (Bruins, Celtics and Patriots) have a combined record of 52-13-3, a .764 winning percentage! When you add in the recently completed Red Sox season, you get 148-79-3, for a .643 winning percentage. The whole thing is pretty unreal. You sorta get the feeling we’ve sold our soul to the devil and it’s coming back soon. For now, we enjoy! That I can even include the Bruins in there is a miracle unto itself.

The passing of Dan Fogelberg was but a footnote yesterday as much more juicy stuff hogs the headlines as usual – Christmas, meaningless elections, steroids LindseySpearsLohanBritney. But The Boston Globe’s Joan Anderman penned a nice tribute to a guy whose music was probably a skeleton in more closets than you can imagine. For me, “Run For The Roses” was never a song I turned off. And of course, “Leader of the Band” was one of those songs about fathers and sons that always get me. I don’t own any of his music, nor did I ever buy an album, but I rarely turned it off if it was on. Maybe that explains my recent appreciation for Jack Johnson’s Curious George soundtrack.

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