Out of Options

After Steph and I watched the season finale of Lost last night (great episode, BTW), she went off to bed and I found myself with the rare opportunity to sit on the couch by myself and flip around the TV. This just doesn’t happen that much anymore – before the population of our house doubled, most of my channel surfing was done from 10pm-1am when Steph was in bed. Now I’m in bed by 10pm too! So it was mildly exciting to settle in and hit remote buttons. Here’s the problem: there was nothing on worth watching. The Red Sox were in extra innings, but I just can’t invest myself in it until July or August. Comedy Central wasn’t offering up much. The news channels were spewing the same thing they always do – robotic talking heads arguing about stuff.

That left me with one option. Gulp. The Celtics. There. I said it. I watched basketball. Good heavens, is THAT what it came to? Apparently so. It wasn’t just any basketball game, it was a chance for the Celtics to reach the NBA Finals against the Lakers. Old school! I can already see CBS saying stuff like “a generation ago, these two teams engaged in some…….blah blah blah.” Then they’ll show the old video and it will look like it was shot 100 years ago but when we watched it live back then, it looked so much better. Ah, tape degradation. And it really was a generation ago now. Cripes.

Now, with the Celtics winning it and all of our shows having aired their season finales and the Cup finals just about done, will I do it again? I don’t know. I think it’s super cool to have Boston-L.A. series, but I’d have to be pretty desperate to do anything but periodically check the score. Unless they start allowing checking or something in basketball.

Of course, we could always watch movies, but come on now. We’d be challenged to find time where both of us had that kind of time available to us concurrently. Movies have gone by the wayside since June 4, 2007. We’ll come around again.