Television Pause: George Foreman Lets ‘Er Rip

One thing you can be mighty sure of – if you’re surfing TV channels, you’re almost always going to run into George Foreman selling something. Grills, protein powders, diet supplements, whatever. He’s probably made more money from this stuff than he did when he was boxing. My favorite thing about George Foreman: he has FIVE sons – ALL of them named George. Maybe I should have named both of the twins Jeff.

Anyway, I thought this was as good an opportunity as any to set up another installment of Television Pause. In this, I have visions of Foreman selling his diet supplement and then stopping dead in the middle of his pitch, pausing, making this face and then FARTING really loud. It’s fun to dream.

It’s Back! Television Pause

One of the things I did on this blog for a few weeks was something I called Television Pause. I know, I know, a horribly un-inventive name, but it speaks for itself. It’s basically me freezing the TV picture and taking pictures of the television because their faces make me laugh. I’m going to try to make this more regular because I think it’s hilarious. You probably don’t, but this is my blog. To quote the extraordinary horny Gene Simmons, “if you don’t like it, don’t listen to it.”

So apparently ESPN has this fellow named Skip Bayless. I don’t really watch SportsCenter or ESPN all that much, so I can only assume, based on his on-air personality, that many people don’t like him and many others love him – and there’s no in between. That was my first and only impression of him. But golly gee, he’s the guy who got me to resurrect this Television Pause thing.

Anyway, here he’s talking about Lebron James, but with this picture I imagine him singing the highest note of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” Just picture that.

I am obnoxious

Now, this guy was so animated, I had to do another one. I don’t know what he was talking about here, but I imagine him telling me how many times is WAY TOO MANY TIMES to see Skip Bayless on television.

I am STILL obnoxious