….And It’s A Long Way To Buffalo

Met up with a friend last night here in lovely San Francisco and, as always, the conversation quickly turned to music. The fun topic of the night was “what was music’s best and worst decade?” This is a conversation you can have with almost anyone and get all kinds of interesting answers, but the Fort twisted the game a little bit when he said it would be a better idea to classify decades by the fives, i.e., 1945-1954, 1955-1964, etc. This actually made a ton of sense and we agreed almost immediately that music’s most fertile and creative decade was the period between 1965 and 1974. As for the worst, we also agreed quickly that 1985-1994 was, without question, the worst.

Our dining venue was a cool little place called Nick’s Crispy Tacos. For $23 bucks total, we got three tacos, two beers and a small basket of nachos with fresh pico-de-gallo on top. Surprisingly good. Never let it be said that I like to abuse expense accounts on food while on the road. Ask.com will be proud of me.

By the way, I was eyeing the room service menu this morning and discovered to my horror that if you want a waffle and syrup delivered to you room, it’s $17. My goodness.