It Reminds Me Of The Places We Used To Go

Fashion Model?

Fashion Model?

Years ago, before the arrival of kids, I had begun a project of getting all of my old stuff (pictures, school reports, etc) digitized for permanent storage. I can’t imagine my children or grandchildren being totally into all my stuff, but in case they are, I want them to have permenent access to it. And hey, you never know, maybe someday my great-great grandchildren will get a kick out of it.

Anyway, here on this blog I said the process would most likely take years – and it has. I’m still finding stuff here and there and finding time to scan it is another matter entirely. But I did recently come across some old school photos and old school records, so I’ve begun scanning them and getting them into the hard drive. This picutre here has been a long time favorite. I mean, look at that artistic flair! I thought they told me to draw a fashion model, that’s what it was! Those of you who are wise-guys will say this drawing was just from last year, but in fact it is not. It is from kindergarden and I actually remember taking these tests! I can’t believe I remember it, but I certainly do. There was a motor skills part where we had to go out into the hallway and do various activities and how I can remember that so clearly I do not know.

I did very well, except for skipping. I even remember not being able to skip in the hallway and being disappointed.  I’m still not much of a skipper, though I don’t try often and that is probably a good thing. Here’s the report. The picture you see above is part of the written test, obviously, where I had to do things like try to draw boxes or color inside a box. My quality performance on these tests was not a harbinger of things to come, sadly.  I ran into some tough school years (academically, that is) from 1984-1987. The details aren’t necessary to spill here, but suffice it to say, if it wasn’t for some very caring teachers at my high school, I may not have ever recovered from those years. But I did and I’ll leave it at that.

Anyhoo, I’m getting a real kick out of building the archives. The rest of the archives can be found here for any of you bored enough to take the plunge. Maybe I’ll even inspire you to start your own!