Are You Plugged In?

So not only is Kelley Stoltz great, he’s GREAT. Check out this, which I just found out and pulled from Wikipedia:

In tandem with the release of “Below the Branches” was an industry first: “Below the Branches” was the first record in history to make an on-package claim about renewable energy use with the Green-e logo. Stoltz tracked his electricity use and with the help of the Green-e program, offset the all the electricity used to record his record with green tags from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. In Kelley’s words: “Using renewable energy to offset the electricity I needed to power my guitar amps and my recording machines was a simple and effective way for me to do something about my impact on the environment. Green-e certifies that I am buying 100 percent renewable energy. Hopefully, people will see their logo; check into what they do, and make renewable energy a part of their lives, too.”

How about that? And I also remembered that starting last week, our house here in Maynard is now driving all of its electricity, heat, cooling and whatever from 100% renewable energy sources, via an NStar program. That’s right – either solar, wind or all those other methodologies are now powering this house for just a few extra bucks a month.

To close the circle on today’s green post, I’ll attach this totally, insanely great song by Kelley Stoltz, called, fittingly, “Are You Electric?” And no, it’s not about renewable energy.


You Don’t Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows

Kudos to N-Star, the people we pay for electricity and gas, after they announced a plan to offer it’s customers the option of having their homes powered partially or solely by wind and/or solar power. If you want partial renewable energy, it’s an extra $4 per month. If you want your abode powered 100% by renewables, it’s an extra $7. We’ll be opting for the 100% and are happy to shell out $7 per month for it.

ps – Happy Birthday, Grammy. You wouldn’t even believe it – the Red Sox have won TWO World Series!