My New Job

My New Job

So I’m basically in my fourth week of my new job, fifth if you count the “trial week.”  Remember my last post about buying Facebook advertising to see if I could get hired that way? Well, it was an interesting experiment and worthy of the time investment. You can click the link if you want to know how it ended up.

I think human nature makes one automatically compare current and past jobs. I was guilty of it initially but that’s slowly going away. It probably isn’t really fair to the companies being compared because the truth is that every place is so vastly different. At least that’s been my experience and I’ve been at it now for – holy shit – 23 years.

So I will just leave the comparisons, the pros, the cons and everything else like that to sites like Glassdoor.

I interviewed with many companies during my 2.5 month sabbatical and the types of companies were quite vast.

I went deep in with a direct competitor of my prior employee. I sat in an interview with a CEO…..and his mom. I interviewed with a person I didn’t hit it off with. I fell in love with a place who really liked me, but they lamented they had no position. Then there was a leadership role with a huge company with a huge salary in the city. I just didn’t want it. I politely refused a third interview. I considered starting my own social media related business. All that’s just scratching the surface.

I ended up with the one that (early on) I didn’t think I’d be at. Funny how things work out sometimes, I guess.  But the people, the office itself, the philanthropic approach, the commute and the challenge are very appealing. Three interviews and a week-long tryout period where they got to evaluate me, then made me an offer midway through the week and then I got to evaluate them!

I’ve almost done a complete 180 in terms of the type of company I am working for.

My prior role was a full-on B2C retail company with web and physical locations and the new place is a significantly larger B2B company which offers industrial packaging products to a very finite and distinct set of distributors. You want to talk about a completely different challenge? Well, I’ve got one – and that was a lot of the appeal.

So here on the blog I will start to get more personal stories back into the mix, but I will also be exploring and talking about some of these new professional challenges, like remarketing to only specific sets of people, starting an inbound content strategy from the ground up, why lead gen means very little here (maybe even nothing) and how B2B and B2C differ for social approach.

It’s gonna be interesting!