• The combination of the writers strike and the arrival of twins has caused me to be watching far less television. I wasn’t a TV junkie by any stretch, but I did have shows I watched. What I’ve found with the strike is that I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would. One thing I do miss is movies. No time for those anymore. An hour-and-a-half to watch a movie feels impossible to accomplish right about now.
  • I’ve never been so glad that we’re on the cusp of spring. A new house has benefitted us greatly because we have a shorter driveway and a two-car garage, but for some reason this winter I felt way more stir-crazy than I ever have. I think it’s partially because I am dying to get the kids outside and introduce them to outside. I mean, REALLY introduce them to stuff, not just carrying them from car-to-house. Can’t wait! Also can’t wait to be using our new enclosed porch!
  • Feeling less attached to MLB this year and more attached to the NHL again. Odd. Is it the steroids thing, the fact that the Bruins are, at least, competitive, or is it both? I’m sad I can’t really watch west coast baseball games anymore.
  • My Dell computer at home is on the fritz after two years. TWO years! WTF? I run ad-aware quite often and always have Norton running, yet still something is gumming up the computer and causing glitches. It may not be ad-ware, it might be the guts of the machine itself, but it’s annoying to have to even think about another computer. It is, however, exciting to think about what’s next – maybe Apple. Maybe not. I dunno.
  • I’m hearing the Extreme Makeover Maynard, MA episode runs May 11
  • The new REM is out and I bought it. Haven’t listened yet, but their new single is the best song they’ve done since the mid-1980s. The Black Keys new album also came out today. They are becoming one of my favorite bands of this decade. It’s unfortunate that they constantly get classified as “bluesy” because it’s an unfair categorization. There’s some of that in their foundation, sure, but blues? Not even close, really. What I’ve heard of their new record is fantastic.
  • I don’t like this site design. It’s going away soon.
  • Pack Your Bags

    There are times when being a professional baseball player must really suck. I mean, despite that they all make obscene amounts of money, the travel and tediousness of playing 162 games every season must be exhausting. Yes, you get to stay at 5-star palaces and yes, you eat the best of food and yes, you play a game for a living, but just imagine being away from your family 8 out of 12 months. There are indeed worse jobs, but I think any major leaguer past 30 would tell you it can get old quick. Alas, spring training must be a blast – you get to see your buddies again, you don’t have to travel, the weather is nice and everyone except Kansas City and Pittsburgh are drenched with optimism. Oh yeah, it’s also a a great time for a good prank.

    I also dig logos of all kind, such as corporate logos, sports logos (one of my faves here) and I especially dig automobile logos. So I was psyched to find a blog post where someone logged the evolution automobile logos. Neat-o. Some of those old ones are killer – they should bring them back.

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    The Rocket’s Red Glare

    For some strange reason, I am hoping that Roger Clemens finds a way to prove his innocence. With each passing day, however, it appears less and less likely, doesn’t it? For years and years, all we heard about and saw was his insanely rigorous workout program in the off-season, how hard he worked in the gym and what a role model he was for younger players. Broadcasters marveled at his conditioning and how he could still throw a baseball at ungodly speeds in his forties. Now, this.

    Barry Bonds is a different story – everyone just knows he’s done it. Clemens was the guy who did it through good old hard work. Or so we thought. Do I feel bad for the guy? Not really. Although I do believe that many are quick to convict him and that the whole “innocent until proven guilty” adage has been unfairly thrown out the window, Clemens public actions keep convincing me that something nefarious is going on. He’s acting like he’s convinced himself that he never did it. We’ll see how it all shakes out, but I’m holding out hope he’s innocent. Something is nagging at me though, which indicates that he’s not. Sad.

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    Put Me In Coach

    I tell anyone who will listen to me babble that if you put aside all the crap about money and greed with regards to both owners and players, sports are still very fun to watch. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy this article, which highlights some of the more ridiculous contract demands in the history of baseball. Not surprisingly, most of them are from recent contracts, but I also took great enjoyment from the ’70s and ’80s ones, too.

    This Indecision’s Bugging Me

    I knew this day would come. We’re at a stage right now where our babies are starting to sleep through the night. You hear it all the time from parents, but let me tell you, this really is a true miracle. I now comprehend entirely why sleep deprivation is used as a means of torture. Anyway, this isn’t happening every night, but it’s happening with slightly more regularity. This means that anything is possible on any night – and that wreaks havoc on my baseball playoff watching.

    You see, the jack-asses at the TV networks have to put the games on at 8:30pm eastern time because they’ll make more advertising dollars. This means that each night, it’s a roll of the dice for me. If I stay up and the babies have a bad night, I am screwed the next day. Go to bed early, I may miss more classic moments.

    I went to bed early on Friday night – and missed Ramirez’s walk off BOMB, but got nearly nine hours of sleep as both babies snoozed straight through. You see my pickle? Each night I’m faced with this decision now…….I did stay up for the classic Yankees-Indians bug-infested tilt, though. That was a beauty of a game.

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