Marbles In The Brain

  • I’d like to thank Javier Lopez for guaranteeing me another night of 5 hours sleep tonight. Yay! I would also like to thank Nathan & Zachary, who slept an extra 40 minutes this morning. It’s like they knew I needed the extra time.
  • We have heard that if you put the kids to bed earlier, they actually sleep longer. That came from a book about infant sleep that we’ve been reading since Steph was pregnant.  The book is a miracle. The boys have been sleeping, on average, from 6:45pm to about 6am since they were about four months old. Not bad at all.
  • Is it vain to want to get a new license because you don’t like the picture? Mine doesn’t expire until May 2010 and I don’t know that I can wait that long. Sounds too vain to me.
  • October remains my favorite month of all time. You want to talk about sleeping weather? Perfect. Lots of good rock shows? Check. Foliage – obviously. Playoff baseball…..yep, that too. NHL starting? Well, I used to be more excited about that, but it’s still good enough to add to the list.
  • Anybody watch Dirty Sexy Money? We’ve been watching since the first episode aired and it’s just a fun ride. Peter Krause is a sharp actor. You may remember him as Nate from one of my favorite shows ever, Six Feet Under. But the whole cast is solid – Donald Sutherland as the head of a obnoxiously rich, screwed up family is very good.