Ice Cream Hands

The subject of today’s post is actually the name of a great little Australian band that we loved back in the late ’90s when we were running Tar Hut. They were basically Teenage Fanclub. But hell, to me Teenage Fanclub were IT for me back then (and to some degree, they still are). So anyone who was good and could sound like them, well, we drooled over it.

What today’s post is really about is:

a) Ice Cream. As I was putting a few scoops into my bowl last night (Coffee Oreo), I was nerding out on the consistency. For example, I like my ice cream a tad soft. I don’t mean soft serve. Soft serve is not ice cream, I hate to tell you. What I mean is that I like the spoon to glide somewhat effortlessly through the ice cream when I’m scooping it out. Otherwise you find yourself, quite literally, fighting with the container to get a scoop. Often this will cause a most horrifying event – the loss of a scoop. For if you are struggling too much, the scoop will sometimes go flying into the air and on the floor. This rarely happens for me, because to soften it up a little, I put it in the microwave for about 5-8 seconds. But it’s happened before and when it does, it’s like slow motion. Losing a scoop of ice cream can ony be described as a tragic loss.  So that being said, I’m wondering about everyone else – do you like the ice cream to be a little soft or would you rather get a work out and enjoy a firmer bowl of IC?

b) My Hands. As I’ve mentioned here before, I don’t like carrying stuff. At all. I’ve had to adjust significantly to this dislike with the twins here now and I’m managing just fine, but if I had my druthers, whenever we go somewhere I’d love to just take my keys, phone, IPod and whatever and put it in Steph’s purse. Yeah, she loves that. Anyway, I’m coming up on being able to choose my next phone and suffice it to say, things are getting very interesting. There is, of course, the IPhone. I don’t need to spew any details – it’s a seamless way for me to combine my work email, mobile communication, music and web surfing into one neat little device. But switching to AT&T frankly scares the crap out of me and the recent bugs with the 3G phone and battery life issues are also giving me pause. I WANT to love the IPhone. Then, over the past few days, comes news of the Blackberry Storm, RIM’s first touchscreen phone, on the horizon in the next couple of months. See, here’s the thing – my Blackberry just WORKS. It works. No crashing, freezing, great battery life, etc. Email is so painfully seamless it makes me cry. Could it be this is the combination I’m looking for? But then, I can’t connect it to ITunes – that’s a biggie. But wait! Yes I can? Oh, I don’t know what the fark to do now. To be continued……